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Follow the ASM guidelines for abstract preparation (see below), as modified for use with the MI-ASM meeting.

Use Times New Roman 12-pt. font. Abbreviations that are generally understood are acceptable. Italicize all scientific names and all appropriate genetic terminology, if possible.

General Meeting Abstract Guidelines

1. Title: The title should clearly and succinctly identify the contents of the abstract. Capitalize the first letter of each word except prepositions, articles and species names. Italicize scientific names of organisms (e.g., Candida albicans).

2. Authors and Addresses: Provide the following information for each author: Last Name, First (Given) Name, and Middle Initial. Add an asterisk (*) after the name for the presenter. Information should be provided for each author's institution/affiliation. Do not include the department, division, branch, street address, etc. when completing the institution information. Enter the City, State and zip/postal code.

3. Abstract Text: The text of each abstract should consist of no more than 1850 characters (excluding spaces). Do not include title and author information as part of the abstract body. The abstract text may be prepared in any standard word processing program. Insert sub or superscripts, boldface, italics, or other required symbols as necessary. Tables, if presented, should be as simple as possible. Graphics (graphs, pictures, etc.) are not recommended, as they are extremely difficult to properly size in the space available.

While all abstracts may not exactly fit the following guidelines (e.g., a case study), abstracts should contain the following key sections:

Background - The problem under investigation or a hypothesis

Methods - The experimental methods or protocols used to accomplish the research

Results - The key points derived from experiments. Data should be summarized and adequately presented to allow the reviewers to judge the content. Generalizations such as “will be discussed” or “will be presented” are not acceptable

Conclusion - A summary of your findings supported by the data presented

Note: The names of the sections do not need to appear in the Abstract.

Note in the body of your abstract if you presented your poster at an ASM National Meeting or at another conference.

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